Sona Mohapatra has become the first Indian female singer to bring to life the traditional Sufi Qawali, Nit Khair Manga sung by many male music stars across the ages but made famous by Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, has now included a funk-fusion rendition of the same in her documentary film Shut Up Sona, which is currently playing at the largest documentary festival in North America, Hot Docs Toronto.

Retaining the soul and authenticity of the original, Sona's rendition is fresh and powerful yet keeps alive the essence of this ode to unconditional love. Nit Khair Manga has a special place in her heart. Getting a world-class production in place for the same is the genius of Ram Sampath who has always innovated with his music.

Sona Mohapatra
Varinder Chawla

A big admirer of Sufi music, the artist and performer, Sona abides by the genre's message of love and peace but also wanted to push the boundaries by challenging the notion of most of the genre being sung only by Male singers traditionally.

At a time when the world stands divided and distraught by the pandemic, Sona hopes the song is a reminder of the goodness that exists around us.

"I am so happy to finally present my recorded version of Nit Khair Manga to the world. I have performed this classic on stage for a decade as an ode to Nusrat Saab and his artistry but my interpretation is very different and from a feminine perspective. As an artist, I believe in taking a stand for what is right and also spreading positivity. The world really needs it at the moment, more than ever before. I hope this release helps carry the message of unity and love above all," Sona Mohapatra said about her song release.

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