Somy Ali might have bid adieu to the industry a long time ago but the audience still haven't gotten over her. The stunning actress, who is now an active philanthropist, has immersed herself in the humanitarian work outside the country. However, every now and then, her pictures and interviews go viral. And once again, the internet seems besotted with her latest photoshoot.

Somy Ali
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For designer Anjali Phougat's latest collection, Somy Ali donned beautiful sarees. And the results were nothing less than a piece of art! Somy looked ethereal in beautiful sarees. "It was so much fun! There was no way I would know how to wear a saree without Anjali being there. During Anth, I had Manish's Malhotra assistant help me so that was easy. But after 16 years, Anjali made the magic happen again. I love her collections! She puts all her heart and mind into her work, which is why her designs are unique and connects with everyone," Somy told Pinkvilla.

The designer also told the website that since Somy is so tall and beautiful, she didn't have to put much effort. She added that they decided to recreate her Bollywood look and since red was her favourite colour, that's what they went with. In an interview with TOI recently, Somy had revealed that the prime reason behind her coming back to India was to marry Salman Khan. She was mesmerised by the actor. And destiny was such that the two indeed worked together and fell in love. It was said that Salman Khan cheated on Somy and that's when she went back.

Salman khan and somy ali

"No, I haven't spoken to Salman in many years, and I think that's the best way to go about things. When people come into our life, we learn from them — what we should do and what we shouldn't. And there's a time when you should move on. However, I respect him for his foundation, and I have heard that they do phenomenal work. I did meet his mom, Salma aunty, who is among my favourite people in this world, when she was in Miami two years ago. It was wonderful to catch up with her," she had told TOI.