Solar Eclipse is a big astronomical event, but several people across the world witness this event with fear than celebration. The great solar eclipse, which will take place on August 21, has yet again given rise to myths, superstitions, and bizarre theories across the world.

The celestial event is witnessed differently in different cultures. While some take it just as an astronomical event, some consider it as a bad and ominous omen.

Check out some bizarre theories, myths, and superstitions related to solar eclipse.

Solar eclipse dangerous for pregnant women

It is believed that pregnant women should not go out during a solar eclipse and in India, it is considered a bad luck for pregnant women to be outside during the celestial event. However, scientifically, it has not been proven that eclipses are bad for pregnant women.

Total solar eclipse
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Decapitated Hindu demon Rahu takes revenge on the Sun and the Moon

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu beheaded the demon god Rahu, who wanted to drink the nectar. The Sun and Moon revealed the identity of the Rahu because of which he was beheaded. So, to get revenge from the Sun and the Moon, the decapitated head of Rahu chases them and swallows them, leading the Earth in total darkness.

Bang utensils to frighten the Moon

In the Middle East, several believe that an angry man in the Moon is attacking the sun when the eclipse takes place. To save the Sun from the attack, several in the region will make noise by banging utensils, including pans, fryers, spatulas, and pots. People in the region believe that banging utensils frighten the Moon and then he runs away eventually.

Italians believe flowers planted during the event will be more vibrant

The solar eclipse has a positive effect; well at least the people in Italy believe so. According to people in Italy, flowers planted during the celestial event will bloom with much brighter blossoms than the usual flowers planted during a normal day.

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The Great American Eclipse" will be seen only in the US on August 21, 2017 during which the Sun will be seen disappearing partially.Reuters

Shot the eclipse with arrow

The ancient Chinese people used to light fires or shoot arrows at an eclipse to wipe off the Moon's shadow. The tradition lived on for several years. People in China believe that a dragon tries to eat the Sun and they shoot arrows to scare the dragon.

No Sex during eclipse

During the medieval time, it was believed that people used to avoid having sex during the eclipse because it would result in the birth of a demon baby. This belief led people to put a ban on it whenever the celestial event happened.

Food becomes poisonous

Many believe that food cooked during eclipse becomes poisonous due to the harmful Sun rays. Several in India keep fast or throw the cooked food, as they believe that during an eclipse the food becomes impure or poisonous.