Sofia Richie
Sofia Richie accidentally suffered a wardrobe malfunction when she went shopping after her breakup with Justin Bieber.Instagram

Sofia Richie, who recently had a breakup with Justin Bieber, went shopping wearing a cleavage-baring dress, but she ended up exposing more than she had bargained for. Richie accidentally suffered a wardrobe malfunction when she accidentally flashed her bare n***** during her retail therapy.

The 18-year-old went out for shopping on September 20 wearing her sexiest look ever. She went out braless in a blue-striped, long dress, with plunging neckline and black sandals. Richie, who sported minimal make-up, was seen carrying shopping bags. Richie accidentally gave paparazzi a glimpse of her right b*** when she bent over to pick up one of her shopping bags.

Richie looked happy when she was spotted shopping with her girlfriend despite her breakup with Bieber. Richie and Bieber started dating six weeks ago and went on a vacation to Mexico. But Richie and Bieber were never serious about their relationship, TMZ reported.

A source close to Bieber told E! Online that Richie and the Canadian singer were never officially in a relationship.

"They were never officially together, but more casual hanging out and having fun. It was super hot and heavy, and because Justin doesn't want a relationship right now, he wanted to cool things down," the source said, adding: "it wasn't an intentional cool-off and it just sort of happened on its own."

Another source close to Bieber said that romance has taken a backseat, but they are still good friends. "They are still friends though and will continue to see each other like they did before they were dating. They are taking a backseat though on the romantic side of things and just focusing on being friends at this time," the insider said.