Sofia Hayat has been making a lot of headline for her controversial and naked pictures on social media. Recently, the ex-Big Boss contestant landed in trouble for her 'I give my orgasm to Om' post. She shared a photo where she could be seen nude, only wearing a Chunni, which was captioned, "OM is the first erotic sound that came from the cosmos.. an expression of pure ecstasy and love!!! I have given my sacred orgasm back to OM because OM gave all of you her sacred orgasm."

Now, yet again, the actress and model have bared it all on Instagram in a picture where she can be seen playing with her assets. Sizzling Sofia has posted a nude picture with her hands covering her breast and called herself a 'goddess'.

Sofia Hayat

She wrote, "I am Goddess!! I would have shown you beautiful breasts and nipples, but some people are offended with naked Goddesses!! Full image available on onlyfans." The post was followed by the hashtag #freethenipple.

Sofia is famous for posting bold pictures on Instagram and talking about women sexuality. Her last spiritual post irked a lot of people and Hindu Indian Nationalist Ramesh Solanki announced through that he has filed an online complaint against the actress for hurting the Hindu sentiments and insulting Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

Check out the tweet:

In one of her sensuous videos, she can be posing boldly with just a chunni and talk about Hinduism and Islam. She posted the video with a caption, "I love Hinduism and Islam. People who think nudity is a sin are sinful. I made this video to address those who have no true understanding of the sacred feminine force and of Maa Kali and Shiva and Allah and Buddha."

While some of her fans rejoice the bold avatar of Hayat, some are usually irked and consider Sofia's post disrespectful towards Hinduism.

Have a look at Sofia's Bold avatar on Social Media:

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Mukti (मुक्ति).—According to the Kaulajñānanirṇaya, mukti (liberation) can be achieved with the perfect knowledge of Śiva. A liberated man can liberate others. Pure tantra comes from releasing your inhibitions...I am connected to tantra without any teachings, since it is an ancient wisdom that has released itself in me from my past lives and divine the truth to tantra and freedom and power is this..have no shame about yourself and your sexual need to first understand that sex is you need to see it as something pure and divine... a pure white energy...without the stigma of society..treat your orgasm like that..the act of masterbation or sex is like giving a divine prayer to yourself..and a partner if you have’s the energy of when you put aside shame and guilt and dirt....that false programme was given to you by the satanists who did not want you to know the power of sex, ESPECIALLY OF A WOMAN.....and be like the birds and bees who have sex without shame...they are merely practicing the art or creation..and allowing GOD...ALLAH..BUDDHA flow in its purest most erotic state. And so it is ?? my Shakti is awake!!! The dance of creation...the energy and hides of the Golden Age are released within me to within you!! GLORY BE!!!! #tantra #tantrayoga #intimacy #sofiahayat #divinesofia #goddess #egypt #goddessisis #godofsex #yoga #meditation

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Truth!!!! I am in ANANDA My body tells me what is happening..and right now my kundalini is powerful!!! I have emerged without shame that has been placed upon us women! I released the shame of all women! I have no shame!!! Finally, I HAVE NO SHAME!!! glory be!! The sacred sex of woman has risen and you are seeing it now in all women..we are not ashamed or afraid to be sexual and sensual beings...temples of erotic ecstasy of the energy of GOD...for we are creators. Our sexuality was shamed and exploited by masculine energies that had no respect for us..but now we claim our own sexuality, and dance naked in the light of the moon and in the golden bath of the sun!!! They rejoice in our freedom and truth! Hear the angels sing, “for she is now free”... When a woman releases her sexuality without shame, she will feel the power of the powerful, divine Goddess that resides in her and the ancients revered and worshiped her in this state of powerful ecstasy...for they knew that her ecstasy is connected to all good and abundance that manifests, and that has manifested in the universe.. WOMAN IT IS YOUR TIME!!! You are the mother, daughter, wife, god...of are the divine pure erotic dance of creation. WOMAN IT IS YOUR TIME TO BE ALL Prana is the life force, and Sushumna is the central channel for that force. This mantra helps draw energy up the spine for healing. Hari and Har are names of God. When prana and apana flow together through Sushumna - the central passage of the spinal column - to the top of the head, the experience of samadhi takes place, which is the goal of all yogic practice. (कुण्डलिनी).—How importance kuṇḍalinī is in the path or liberation is explained in Haṭhayoga Pradīpaka in the chapter samādhi. “When kuṇḍalinī is awakened through various means, one enters into the state of samādhi automatically. The one, who knows the path abandons all actions when his prāṇa enters into suṣumna (technically speaking it is through citriṇi-nāḍi, which is the inner most nāḍi in suṣumna. He is liberated when kuṇḍalinī enters into sahasrāra.” It’s happening to me now!!! Divine ecstasy and complete bliss!!!! Namaste Shalom Salaam Gaia Mother Sofia

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