Sofia Hayat exposes pervert on Instagram
Sofia Hayat exposes pervert on InstagramSofia Hayat Instagram

Model-turned-nun Sofia Hayat shared a screenshot of a pervert's vulgar comment on one of her Instagram posts. The former Bigg Boss contestant shamed the man for the nasty words.

The man had made an extremely abusive comment on one of Sofia's posts, asking her how much money she would charge for sex. The pervert in his comment even suggested that Sofia must be craving for physical intimacy as she is now separated from her husband.

Slamming the man for his vulgar remark, Sofia also said that because of some people like him, the entire country gets a bad name. She asked if all Indian men are like this, which, however, did not go down well with many.

Some of her Instagram followers expressed discontent at her generalising all Indian men on the basis of one man's dirty comment.

"Wow! Are all Indian men like this in india?? Who teaches them to speak like this?? Ok..not all Indian men are so..but think about what this man has done. He is showing the world he is Indian and unfortunately the world will judge..they say Romanians are thieves..they say the British are drunks..they say Indian men are rapists..this guy should be shamed. Everyone should tag him and tell him what you think about him! I am not.afraid of idiots like this..I am ashamed that he even uses the beautiful sacred hindi language to speak such shameful things! [sic]," she captioned the image.

While some did not like the fact that Sofia questioned all Indian men for this, many others supported the lady for exposing the pervert.

Sofia was in news some time ago for throwing her husband Vlad Stanescu out of her home and life. She had made a post on Instagram saying that she has decided to cut all ties, accusing him of cheating and lying to her.