Aaruni Kurup

Aaruni Kurup, a nine-year-old girl from Kerala, who rose to fame recently for her TikTok videos has died after suffering from an unidentified brain disease. A few days back, Aaruni Kurup was hospitalised after she complained of severe headache.

As the condition worsened, the TikTok star was shifted to the S.I.T Hospital in Trivandrum. Even though medical experts at the hospital tried their best to save the life of Aaruni, she took her last breath on July 25.

Even after her death, medical experts are still unclear about the disease that resulted in the death of Aaruni. Secretions from Aaruni's throat has been sent to Alappuzha virology institute for further studies, and experts believe that they will be able to figure out the real reason behind the TikTok star's death in the coming days.

The death news of Aaruni came as a real shocker to the family, and followers of the star on social media platforms. People are now pouring their condolences to Aaruni's family, and they are all urging her mother to stay strong at these heartbreaking moments.

It should be noted that Aaruni's father had died last year in Saudi Arabia following a car accident. The death of Aaruni came as a double blow to the child star's family.