Spanish Tv, show host cutting dress
Spanish TV host cuts female presenter's dress during show.Screenshot

The viewers of Spanish show La Tarde, aquí y ahora (translated as Afternoon, Here and Now) were shocked when host Juan y Medio shortened his co-host Eva Ruiz's dress with a pair of scissors when the cameras were rolling for mid-day live broadcast.

Though Ruiz screamed and giggled, Medio continued to cut the other side of her dress. The embarrassed lady presenter was seen trying to protect her modesty by putting a hand over her leg and trying to cover with a coat. Medio even attempted to cut the neckline of her attire.

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Thankfully, one of the female members of the production team came to help Ruiz. However, the guests present during the show are seen laughing.

It is learnt that Medio was taking revenge for Ruiz cutting his trousers during a previous prank when he refused to dance on television. 

Nevertheless, the action of the TV host has irked many netizens, who are of the opinion that it is an unacceptable prank. "What if our children find this on the public television channel in Andalusia? Would they think it is funny to do it to other girls?" Spanish politician Teresa Rodriguez commented on Twitter.

The show's video has gone viral on social media and following the massive outrage, the Spanish presenter is said to have apologised calling it "a joke between co-presenters".

Check out the response of people on the viral video:

Jery Marcus

Seriously? How can you call this a prank or joke? He is clearly insulting the lady!  

Nora J

This is totally unacceptable. When people show this kind of inappropriate actions on TV, the younger generation will think it is okay if they insult a girl. 

Micheal Mary

How embarrassing this is? Is this what people air on TV? Shocking to see that expect the female member of the production team, all others are laughing. They might be thinking its fun to cut off a person's dress during live show.

Watch the viral video here: