Little more than a week after the Oxford Dictionary named an 'emoji' as the "word of the year", Zoomph, a social media analytics company, has announced a tool that would help companies track the emojis associated with their brands.

The Emojis report by Zoomph would enable companies see emojis related to their brands in a cloud shaped image. The concept behind the tool is that it tracks emotional responses to the brands. 

92% Netizens use emojis according to a report by Emogi, an emotional intelligence platform. 

"Not only do emojis capture nuanced feeling that may not be apparent from simple text," says Emogi CEO and founder Travis Montaque, "but it is an easier way for consumers to give advertisers feedback so that they can leverage it to improve their marketing initiatives."

The newest tool would be extremely useful for brands in marketing and in analysing the response of consumers to their products. Apparently the first of its kind to analyse the visual representation of emotions, Zoomph's feature can track emojis posted from a certain location; the report analyses the information based on demography. 

"The frequency of use of emojis can be tracked by the alphanumerical code associated with it," Chief Strategy Officer Amir Zonozi, Zoomph, was reported as saying by