Yogendra Yadav
Yogendra YadavIANS

Social activist and psephologist-politician Yogendra Yadav was detained by the police in Thiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu. Yadav was on his way to take part in the protest against the Chennai-Salem highway. The incident occurred on Saturday, September 8 morning.

Yadav tweeted that he was immediately detained after he spoke to the Kandasamy, the district collector regarding the green corridor.

In a tweet, the 55–year-old activist said, "TN police has detained me and team in Chengam police station, Tiruvannamalai district. We came on the invitation of the movement against Chennai – Salem eight-lane green corridor project. We were prevented from going to meet farmers, phones snatched, manhandled and pushed into a police van. First-hand experience of the police state in TN!"

Yadav was on his way to meet farmers and participate in an event organised by local activists.

Police sources say that Yadav had no permission for any programme in the state, according NDTV.

The Chennai-Salem eight-lane green corridor plan has been receiving a lot of resistance from political parties as well as environmental activists since acres of agricultural land might be acquired by the government.

In June, Kamal Hasan, who recently made his entry into politics said, "To treat anyone talking about the environment as a crime is not acceptable. This concern should be there among all."