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People in Cleveland have discovered an ancient forest after a polar vortex nicknamed "Beast From The East" recently came in from the Arctic and removed sand from the beach just south of Hartlepool in Redcar.

Redcar is a seaside town in North Yorkshire, England with a population of 37,420 people, according to

A stretch of about 400 meters with tree stumps and logs from a forest as old as 7,000 years has been revealed. However, the rest of the forest of birch, oak, beech and sycamore trees that reportedly runs for several miles along the coastline remains hidden.

The forest, which is believed to have existed from the late Mesolithic period, is known as Petrified Forest as the vegetation is turned into stones over time.

This is not the first time that the secret forest has surfaced. The first time the forest was spotted was in 1871 and at that time people also found red deer antlers and wild boar tusks, reported

Not only animal remains, flint tools and other small equipment were also found, which suggested that people once lived in the forest. If looked carefully one can also see axe marks on the tree stumps.

"There was a school trip and we were taken down to see it, I remember being memorised...It's amazing that this has appeared again," Daily Mail quoted a resident of Redcar as saying.

"It's from the Neolithic period, probably around 4,000 BC, when the tide went much further out and that land was covered in forest...It's part of an extensive forest formed after the last Ice Age and was last exposed to any great extent in 2013," said Dr Steve Sherlock, from Tees Archaeology, according to