A portrait of the Snapchat logo in Ventura, California 21 December, 2013.Reuters

Snapchat, the popular video messaging app, received many new emojis that created a big fad for them. Celebs picked it up quickly and now there are stories on what one celeb is using or not using. It has prepped up some fun too if people are looking to be entertained. 

Whenever a user creates a video in Snapchat, the video can last only for a specific duration, even after a user sends it to his friends or posts it anywhere else. 

However, there is a way to cheat the Snapchat system, thanks to The Huffington Post (via iDigitalTimes), that revealed a way to save these videos before Snapchat erases them. But this is only for Android phones.

This method has reportedly worked for some Snapchat users on Android who wanted to save their videos.

Guide to Save videos on Android forever

  1. Head to Google Play app
  2. Download AZ Screen Recorder - No Root app (this will help record screen)
  3. Now, open the app and press record
  4. Open Snapchat, start recording your video
  5. AZ Screen Recorder - No Root app will record the video taken on Snapchat, automatically since the whole screen is being recorded
  6. Now, download any video editing apps that to cut out parts that are not needed from the recorded video
  7. Save the video, Snapchat will not be able to erase it

Note: Such a feature does not exist in iPhones, since Apple has a policy against screen recording apps, as it fears it could compromise security of its phones.

 Black and white eye – the anti-bullying emoji

Meanwhile, several companies like Snapchat, Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Adobe, Whisper, Kik that allow usage of emojis have joined hands in the fight against cyber-bullying by promoting a campaign that supports the anti-bullying "I Am a Witness" campaign from the Ad Council (a non profit group running public-service campaigns).

So, these companies will start using a new emoji for anti-bullying - black and white eye in a talk bubble.

Snapchat users can use the "I Am A Witness" filter for photos they share and the new iOS 9.1 update from Apple already included it, CBS News reported.