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The girl committed suicide after she realised she had accidentally sent her boyfriend the wrong text [Representational Image]Reuters

A 17-year-old college student hung herself after she accidentally sent a Snapchat message to her boyfriend saying that she cheated on him. The deceased, Charlotte Guy, a resident of Wigan, England, had sent the message unknowingly about how she slept with someone else and regretted it.

As per reports on The Sun, she sent a final text to her boyfriend which read "I love you, knowing that you hate me is enough." The young girl took her own life right after she apologised to the boyfriend, Jack Hurst. She told Jack 'goodbye' and asked him to 'forgive her'.

The 20-year-old boy said in a statement that Charlotte wanted to break up with him because she did not trust him. Moreover, their relationship was also not going too strong either as they have often had multiple breakups in the past. The Sun reported that the girl wanted to contact him over the weekend but he was apparently too busy to talk to her. 

"After this, she sent me a Snapchat message that was meant for her friend but that she had sent to me instead." He was quoted as saying, by The Sun. "The Snapchat referenced her sleeping with someone on Saturday night. She told me that it wasn't for me, and apologized and said she was a horrible person."

He had reportedly been calling her after the accidental text but she had already sent him the last goodbye message. Soon after he received the terrifying message, he reported to the police and went to her place but was stunned to see the girl had already taken her life by hanging. Charlotte lived near Wigan, Greater Manchester, where she was studying healthcare.

The toxicology tests suggested that she was under the influence of alcohol and that even cocaine was found in her body. The parents of the teenage girl told the newspaper that the girl had tried to harm herself in the past as well, following which they took her to a healthcare professional for treatment.