Snapchat has not only released new emoji like Gold Star and Baby but also a few filters to selfies. Unfortunately, some users find a few filters creepy and scary though confusion over new emoji has been addressed with its meanings being revealed.

It has been revealed that emoji Gold Star next to a name means it has replayed a Snapchat recently. In short, it means the friends replayed their snaps, and should not be misunderstood as a "friend has replayed your snaps", "you have replayed theirs" or your friends have got screenshot of your snaps.

Another emoji – Baby – next to the name tells that you are new friends. [READ: Snapchat emoji meanings

Meanwhile, a few filters released by the video messaging application have upset some users. Lenses or animated selfies, which are applicable both to still photos and videos taken from the front camera, have many effects but a few users find some of them creepy.

Some people have taken to micro-blogging site Twitter to express their displeasure over some filters, like animated heart eyes and rainbow tongue, arguing that they are creepy and don't look good.