Snapchat has introduced some new emoji, including gold star and baby but it could leave many users confused as it didn't reveal its meaning. Fortunately, the latest emoji meanings have been revealed on a few forums.

Do you want to know what gold star and baby next to name mean?

If a friend has baby emoji next to their name, it means they are a new friend, according to a poster on a Snapchat emoji blog spotted by iDigitalTimes. It also revealed that a gold star next to their name means they have replayed a Snapchat recently. 

Here are some other emoji apart from Gold Star and Baby that Snapchat has introduced and their meanings according to iDigitalTimes:

Yellow Heart: You are No. 1 best friends. It means you send the most snaps to this person, and you receive the most snaps from the person as well.

Red Heart: It means you have been No.1 best friends for two consecutive weeks.

Pink Hearts: It means you have been No.1 best friends for two consecutive months.

Face With Sunglasses: One of your best friends is also one of their best friends, which means the person you have sent lots of snaps has received lots of snaps from them too.

Grimacing Face: It means your No.1 best friend is their No.1 best friend too. This is based on the most snaps you sent to the person and the most snaps they sent.

Smirking Face: It means you are one of their best friends but they are not one of your best friends. It is because you send less snaps to them though you receive a lot from them.

Smiling Face: It means another best friend of yours. You send lots of snaps to this person but still not No.1 best friend.

Fire: It means you are on a Snapstreak. You have snapped each other everyday.

Hundred: It means 100 day snapstreak. When you snap a person and you are snapped back for 100 consecutive days, the 100 Emoji appears next to the fire.

(Cammy Harbison contributed to this report from New York)