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A man got the shock of his life after he saw a five to six-foot-long snake slithering out of his toilet. What is more shocking? Wade Vielock of Bee County, Texas, didn't notice the serpent when he was cleaning the toilet until his six-year-old son pointed it out.

Vielock got so scared that he ran out of the toilet so fast that he almost knocked down his son. "I looked back at the toilet and that snake was about 3 feet out, climbing towards the window. It took at least six years off my life," Vielock told KSAT.

The snake turned out to be a blue indigo snake, also known as the Eastern indigo snake. Luckily for Vielock, the snake is a harmless reptile as it seldom bites. Also according to the US Fish and Wildlife Service, it is the longest snake species in North America and can be only handled by people who have a permit as it is a "threatened" and protected species.

Vielock called the Bee County Sheriff's Office to handle the situation. He also joked that the deputy said that's he cannot kill even a cockroach but very skillfully got the snake out.

"I told her she can call me anytime she wants and I'll come to kill all the cockroaches she wants if she gets that snake out of the house," Vielock told KSAT.

The sheriff's office said there has been a spike in snake calls this year and urged people to be aware of their surroundings.

In 2016, a man was bitten on his penis by a 3m (10ft) python, hiding in the toilet. Snakes generally swim up your toilet by following rat trail.