(Picture for representation)Wikimedia commons

A woman found a huge snake in the bathroom of her sixth-storey flat in southwestern China's Sichuan province. She, who is identified only by her last name Cai, saw the serpent slithering out of the toilet when she went in to take shower.

Later, after she posted the video online, it was revealed that the snake escaped from the house of their neighbour, two floors above them. The reptile, which was a king rat snake, was captured by the woman who lived in the property, to be killed and used as a back pain tonic. It was tied in a plastic bag and kept in her bathroom. 

Being shell-shocked, Cai called her father when she saw the 5cm (2 inches) broad snake. Unfortunately, he was also clueless about how to handle the serpent. Luckily, his father, who grew up in a rural community knew exactly what to do.

Grandfather Cai filled the toilet with water until the snake slowly came to the surface. Then he carefully fished the reptile out with a stick and a shovel.

The family took the snake outside and released it on a lawn.

The king rat snake is a class 3 protected species in China and hunting them without a licence can break animal protection laws, according to South China Morning Post.