Snake, spot the snake, viral photo
Can you spot a snake in this picture? Netizens go crazy over it.@SssnakeySci/Twitter

The "can you spot" games that need powerful observation skills often drive netizens crazy, and the latest one doing the rounds on social media is the picture of a snake heavily camouflaged among dry leaves. The photo captured by Texas-based Jerry Davis was posted by snake researcher Helen on her Twitter handle.

"Received this from a fellow HERper this morning. No caption needed, the task was implied: "can you spot the snake?" [sic]," reads the caption of the post that has already been retweeted by nearly 4,000 people and liked by 18,000 users of the social networking site. 

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Since then, netizens have been struggling to solve the puzzle. "That is some serious camouflage!! Yikes!!!! [sic]," reads a comment. "I would have never spotted that in a squillion years," writes another. 

Here is the image that has gone viral on social media. Check if you can find the snake by yourself! Clue: It is a copperhead snake. Still not able to spot it? Download the image and zoom it.

"If y'all haven't found it yet... Copperhead, aka Agkistrodon contortrix. Cute but venomous, so no touchy! [sic]," Helen tweeted. When a netizen asked if one is bit by this creature, what should they do, the researcher replied: "If you are with others, have them take you to hospital ASAP.  Do NOT attempt to suck venom from wound, or do anything to increase blood flow [sic]."

Meanwhile, for those who have already given up on spotting the creature, Helen has revealed where it is smartly disguised. Check here to find it. Now, go back to the original picture, and your eyes will only spot the venomous snake, nothing else!