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Smart24x7, the popular personal safety mobile application developed by local firm Smart Group, has now been integrated with the country's Fire department service.

The app lets users send the location of the fire mishap with just a tap of a button, and also provides an option to post the picture of the structure under fire, which can help in assessing the severity of the fire, so that the Fire department personnel can come well equipped with the necessary safety gears.

"With the Launch of Smart24x7 Mobile platform we aim to offer an edge to the Fire Department services. With the help of our Application the response time can be reduced dramatically as location gets immediately announced to Fire control room," said CP Singh, Founder, Smart Group.

As of now, the app's fire department service is limited to select cities - Gurgaon Police, Jalandhar Police, Jammu Police, Noida Fire Departmen - but is set to be launched in Kashmir, Lucknow, Bangalore and other major cities to make the system a PAN India service.

Besides the Fire mishap locator, Smart24x7 app can also be used for personal safety. It can be used to communicate to Police or Ambulance during an emergency situation like, facing criminals, or having a medical emergency at desolated places.

Users can just press the panic button to activate the emergency safety system to shoot distress messages to a set of pre-selected contacts, and also to Smart24x7 call center with geography data.

Other Key features:

  • With just a press of button, phone will auto upload the picture with location details to the Police control room.
  • The app also lets user (especially useful for senior citizens) to update their health details, so that when faced with medical emergency, doctors can look in to the health history of the patient.
  • Users can also personalize the app to get themselves a fake call to get out of an awkward situation.
  • This 'On the way to Office/Home' feature (useful for ladies who work in night shifts) lets user to share their location details with the loved ones.
  • If the GPRS of the phone fails, alert will be generated via SMS.
  • Users can contact app's customer care center 24x7 with average response time of 15 seconds.

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Mobile System Requirements and Application Compatibility Details:

OS Type version size compatibility Download link
Google Android Varies with device Varies with device Varies with device Click here
Apple iOS v1.4 2.1MB iOS v6.0 and later Click here
Microsoft Windows v1.0.0.7 3MB v8.0 and later Click here
BlackBerry OS v1.0.7.2 3MB Varies with device Click here

[Image credit: Smart24x7]