Earlier in the week, Mumbai based technology firm launched a dedicated women safety smartphone iBall Andi Uddaan (with SOS help button) in India coinciding with the year anniversary of the horrific Delhi gang-rape incident (and the girl's eventual death) which triggered a spate of angry sentiments among the major population of the Subcontinent.

Thanks to strong protests across the country, the union government formed a committee headed by retired justice J.S Verma to bring out reforms in the old toothless women safety law.

The government formed a new bill and passed the restructured law in the parliament this year. Despite initiating changes, women in the country continue to face harassment especially in IT (Information Technology) and ITes (Information Technology enabled services) sector who are obliged to work in odd hours (due to globalization).

Prospective women buyers who are pondering to upgrade their feature phone to a smartphone, iBall Andi Uddaan (with dedicated SOS button) is a smart buy. But those who already own an Android smartphone, they can install one of the many safety applications available in the Google Play Store.

To help find a good emergency safety application, we have listed a number of top rated apps with their features to zero-in on an ideal one.

Here is list of top 5 Women safety android applications:

VithU: V Gumrah Initiative

This new emergency safety application was recently launched by a TV channel company Star India Pvt Ltd. Once installed, victims just have to press the smartphone power twice to activate the applications, then the handset automatically shoots distress messages to a set of pre-defined contacts and will continue to push geography data every two minutes to the guardian to track the real-time location of the victim.

The VithU app is an interactive app which also gives safety tips for the user to take while under emergency situation and if the user is a victim or a witness of a crime, they can share (or report) experiences with Channel V. [To download VithU, Click Here]

iFollow-Ladies safety, SOS:

This is one of the 'Nasscom sponsored FameApp contest' awarding winning safety app developed by Aucupa Innovative Solutions. Once configured, victims just have to shake the phone three times in five seconds to activate the emergency safety system, then it will call your first contact person and wait for the person to respond the call. If he/she doesn't respond to the call iFollow will shoot a sms along with your geo location to select personal contacts (max 3). After the first message, on every ten meters change in location, app will send sos distress message with new location details.[To download, Click Here]

I'm Shakti:

This app is developed by a Bengaluru based start-up company Notion Ink. Once installed, victim just has to press the smartphone power button five times(within two seconds) to intiate the imShakti app. The application will then shoot emergency SMSes containing the user's geography location data to a set of pre-designated contacts.

One notable feature of the app is that, if the location data is not available in the phone, the safety application will send emergency text message and phone will continue to find the location data and once found, it will once again send SMS with geography information.[To download, Click Here]

spotNsave Feel Secure:

This is a new app released just a few days ago and is developed by a company with the same name 'spot N save'.

If a user faces dire situations,  the victim will only need to double tap smartphone power button. Once initiated, the application spotNsave will send SoS distress to guardians (or select contacts) every 2 minutes with you current and updated location through sms.

Other mentionable feature is that the app is also compatible with wristband (company's very own accessory) via Bluetooth.  If users are not able to reach out to phone, they can click buttons twice on the band to activate applications inside the phone. [To download, Click Here]

spotNsave application and a wearable accessory (a wristband)


This application is co-developed by Kalpana Viswanath and Ashish Basu with support from UK government's Department of International Development, Ford Foundation and others.

SafetiPin is slightly different compared to other applications for, it helps user to create a group of friends who share same interests. They create a community that gives ratings to particular place based on the security concerns and social activities as well.

It gives you a map-based view of your neighbourhood, community and city - supported by pictures, comments and safety scores. [To download, Click Here]

Brief description of top 5 women safety android apps:

Applications Developer Current version Size Compatibility Average Ratings* (out of 5)
VithU: A Gumrah Initiative STAR India Pvt. Ltd v1.1 2.2 MB Android v2.2 and up 4.5 Stars
iFollow-Ladies safety, SOS Aucupa Innovative Solutions v1.0 452 KB Android v2.2 and up 4.5 Stars
I'm Shakti Notion Ink v1.9.06 197 KB Android v2.2 and up 4.7 Stars
SafetiPin Co-developers Kalpana Viswanath and Ashish Basu. v1.0.3 6.6 MB Android v2.1 and up 4.1 Stars
spotNsave Feel Secure spotnsave v1.01 2.6 MB Android v2.3.3 and up 5.0 Stars(it is based on one week, since its release)

*Average ratings are based on number of installations and personal reviews by users. It will vary time-to-time.