Smart Home
Smart home would include smart kitchen appliances and here are some of them. In Picture: Mellow is a sous vide cooker that allows users to remotely control the appliance.Facebook/cookmellow

Smart homes are completely changing the way we live and interact with our surroundings in the digital age. The Internet of Things revolution is now taking over existing conventional appliances and replacing them with new-age kitchen appliances. These appliances are always connected to the internet and users can keep track of them even when they are not home.

Here are some five cool smart home kitchen appliances that the urban chic set would love to have. These appliances are perfect for users who have very less time for kitchen but do not want to compromise on their food.


A sous vide cooker that is Wi-Fi enabled makes a perfect pick for this list. Manufactured by Flextronics International (Flex), cooker can keep your food chilled, and then it can cook it in a temperature-controlled water bath.

"We believe Mellow's connected appliance could be an integral part of the smart-home kitchen, and something consumers will want and enjoy," said Gerhard Zebe, Flex's president of Global Operations, Mechanical Technology Solutions, in the email.

Mellow is yet to be released into the market and will ship early 2017. It is however available for pre-order and costs $399.


Priced at $129, this pan has a temperature sensor inside, which can send information to its users via app. The app monitors the temperature, and tells its users when they have to flip the stake or when they can add the ingredients. It will alert them when the dish is cooked. Moreover, the pan can work on any gas or electric stove.

It also has optional Autopilot mode, which can control, adjust the heat. So Pantelligent is an intelligent cooking tool which can control cooking temperature and time.

Users can try Pantelligent for 60 days and if they do not like it, they can send it back, and company promises them full refund too.

Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker with WeMo

This particular product allows its users to control its settings from anywhere. The Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker comes with WeMo app. Users can add their ingredients and select the desired temperature setting using the app. The cooker is connected to Wi-Fi router and internet connection.

June Intelligent Oven

This intelligent oven is a good appliance for smart home. This features a HD camera which allows the oven to know what users are cooking and prompts it to suggest the best technique. Further it has a built-in thermometer, which will let users know when it's done. It also features a digital scale, thus giving the exact measurement of the items in the oven.

The software updates to the oven will be automatic and users will have customised alerts on their phone, watch or tablet. It can be controlled from anywhere.

LG SmartThinQ Electric Single Oven

The LG SmartThinQ oven features SmartThinQ technology, and has infrared heating system. This intelligent oven connects with the its HomeChat app via Wi-Fi. Users can make changes to the oven from anywhere due to the LG's Smart Diagnosis tool. The built-in app allows you to cook with precision. It has several cooking modes. The oven is priced at $1,399.