Abbie and Ichabod
Abbie and IchabodFacebook/Sleepy Hollow

"Sleepy Hollow" Season 3 had ended with Abbie (Nicole Beharie) sacrificing herself to kill the Hidden One. Fans, however, had taken comfort in the fact that supernatural shows always find a way to bring their beloved characters back, but that does not seem to be the case this time around.

It has been confirmed that Beharie has been written off the show and that Abbie is going to remain dead, at least for now. Despite the fact that Abbie's death may have a huge impact on the story, on a social level and even on the popularity of "Sleepy Hollow," the decision had to be made.

"It wasn't an easy decision for them [the writers] to make. I know that. The writers, they like writing Abbie Mills. And I like acting with Nicole," Tom Milson, who plays Ichabod on "Sleepy Hollow," told The Realistic Optimist.

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Milson, who confessed that he looks at his character Ichabod as a sidekick to Abbie, said that life still has to go on for the witness. He first and foremost of his responsibilities, is for Ichabod to find a replacement for Abbie, meaning a new witness. However, it is going to be a difficult job, not just for Ichabod, but also for the showrunners of "Sleepy Hollow."

"When you have a woman of colour in the lead role, it's not just a woman of colour in the lead role. It immediately means so much more than that across the whole of America," acknowledges Milson, before adding, "It comes to symbolise so much more. So when something like this happens, when they kill off said character, of course it's going to mean an awful lot more, consequently."

It remains to be seen how "Sleepy Hollow" makes up for such a huge loss. Fans will find out when the Fox show returns during the fall of 2016. Taking the previous seasons into account, it would be realistic to expect Season 4 episode 1 of "Sleepy Hollow" to be aired on Sunday, Oct. 2.