Samsung has finally launched its most-anticipated Smartwatch at IFA, Berlin. Dubbed Gear S2, the smartwatch is receiving lots of attention, with many tech pundits writing off the Apple Watch after comparing it with Samsung's Gear S2. 

Well, we're not claiming that the Apple Watch is inferior to the Gear S2, but Samsung's latest wearable does pack several features which could give nightmares to the Cupertino-based company. 

Watch First

Unlike the Apple Watch, the Samsung Gear S2 features a circular dial which looks more like a conventional watch and less like a gadget, a proposition that would appeal to non-gadget freaks also. By comparison, with a rectangular shape and a rotating crown, the Apple Watch is more of a luxury gadget and less of a watch.

Rotating Bezel

The Samsung Gear S2 sports a bezel which offers different options when you rotate it. A rotating bezel is not a new thing and can be seen in diving watches and in some luxury watches. But the Samsung Gear S2 offers far more functionalities than others. For example, the Gear S2 offers accurate precision, less fingerprints on the display and the ability to see the display while navigating.

Cross Platform

Although Samsung has suggested pairing the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch with Samsung Galaxy smartphones for accessing all the features, you can happily use the smartwatch with any Android smartphone running Kitkat 4.4 or above version. More surprisingly, you can pair it with any iPhone device. 


Samsung has not disclosed the price of the Gear S2, but according to a Sammy Hub report, the smartwatch is expected to be available for €349 (around $390), whereas the Classic model is reportedly priced €399 (around $444). In comparison, the price of the Apple watch ranges from $549 to $1099. 

Supports Third Part Accessories

The Samsung Gear S2 comes in 2 editions, of which the classic edition comes with a 20mm leather strap commonly available in the market. So you are free to pair the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch with your desired straps for an uber-cool look.

Battery Life

Apart from having the IP68 certification for protecting the device from water and other forms of hazards including dust, the Samsung Gear S2 packs a 250 mAh battery with a claimed battery life of two to three days. If the claim is indeed true, it will give yet another edge over its rival.