Popular TLC reality series "Sister Wives" is all set to hit the TV screens from 13 September. When Kody Brown and family returns with episode 1, viewers can expect some exciting developments in their lives.

The premiere episode of season 6 is likely to focus on a feud between the four wives - Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn. The official synopsis states that Kody and Meri's divorce takes the family into uncharted territory. Meanwhile, the polygamist family will also answer viewer questions.

While the official trailer reveals that the family patriarch and his first wife officially got divorced, it also focuses on the emotional stress Meri goes through after she receives the email from her lawyer.

In another promotional clip officially released by People Magazine, Meri shares her thoughts with the viewers. "It's just weird. I've just been trying so hard to be there and do this whole team thing and not be caught up in the emotions of it, and I shocked myself by having so much emotion," she says.

However, the first wife of Kody revealed through Twitter that she is happy for her husband and his fourth wife. "Janelle, Christine and myself are going through with our emotions. But I promise you, this was not the first time either of us had dealt with these same issues. It was just the first time you saw it," she wrote.

Explaining further, Meri tweeted, "However, those emotions did not diminish the feelings of love we have for Robyn and her kids, or change any desire we had in wanting her to join our family".

Meanwhile, a new sneak peek video features Kody and his fourth wife Robyn's excitement as they prepare to welcome their second child.

Tune in to TLC at 8pm on Sunday, 13 September, to know more about the polygamist family. "Sister Wives" season 6 premiere can be live steamed here.

Watch the official trailer below: