In the wake of coronavirus pandemic, tech companies are trying to find different ways to be helpful. Apple and Google recently announced a joint-task of developing a tool to help notify those who might have been potentially exposed to COVID-19. Similarly, Alexa got trained to handle coronavirus-related queries and now Siri is up for the task.

All iPhone users can now shoot questions about coronavirus to their friendly and intelligent Siri and get relevant responses. Apple's digital voice assistant can read out news briefs with latest COVID-19 information in India as well as other countries. All the info is sourced from BBC World Service and WHO.

Siri reads out COVID-19 news

Apple iPhone, iPad and other iDevices are now supported with Siri's new audio news briefs feature. With this, users can simply ask Siri to "play COVID-19 news" or "play coronavirus news" to stay updated with everything that's happening.

Siri knows about COVID-19
Siri knows about COVID-19

Siri answers coronavirus FAQs

Siri's COVID-19 knowledge isn't limited to just news briefs. You can ask Siri for symptoms of the deadly virus, get an update on the vaccine and even ask if you have coronavirus. Users can ask Siri the following commands:

— What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

— How do I know if I have the coronavirus?

— Is there a vaccine for Coronavirus?

Coronavirus in India

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Coronavirus in India

Coronavirus continues to be a rising health concern in India. In wake of the rising number of coronavirus cases in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Tuesday, announced the lockdown be extended till May 3.

The number of coronavirus cases in India has breached 10,000 mark with over 300 deaths. While most states like Maharashtra, Delhi and Tamil Nadu are finding it difficult to contain the virus, Kerala has managed to flatten the coronavirus curve, setting an example for the entire nation.