Gulabo Sitabo is one the first big Bollywood movie release in India since the lockdown began. The film took a slightly different approach to releases and went all in, with digital. The reviews have been good so far praising the performances and script. 

However, there is one member of the audience who isn't particularly impressed with the film. It should be remembered his opinion on the matter hardly makes any difference since he often hates all films with his unique taste for movies. KRK had some early reviews about the film and shared them on Twitter. Director Shoojit Sircar, however, had only nice things to say. 

Shoojit Sircar and Kamal R Khan

KRK reviews Gulabo Sitabo and Shoojit Sircar is thankful

Gulabo Sitabo is Bollywood's first major release of 2020 since the lockdown. All eyes have been on the film since it announced an exclusive digital release on Amazon Prime. Now, that the film has left the shelf, reviews are pouring in praising performances of its star cast including Amitabh Bachchan and Ayushmann Khurrana.

KRK also decided to share his early views on Twitter, however, he disliked the film with a passion. Kamaal R Khan often doesn't have nice things to say. He wrote, "I am fed up within 30 minutes of watching this crap #GulaboSitabo! I am forced to watch it till the end to review it for the public, otherwise, I won't watch this crap for one minute also. #AaaThoo!"

KRK added in outrage, "After watching #GulaboSitabo I just want to ask director Sahab@ShoojitSircar Ki Sir Ji Kaya Karna Chah Rahe Thai Aap! Exactly Mansha Kaya Thi? Dekhne Walon Ki Rooh Nikalna Chahte Thai Kaya sir! (Sir, what were you trying to do! Exactly what was the point? You wanted to suck the blood of the audiences?) Anyway, thank you so much for not releasing it in the theatres."

Shoojit Sircar, however, replied with respect and a hint of sarcasm, "Sir aap mere har film ko itna pyaar dete hain ki mai aapka text padke gad gad ho jata hoon:))) thank you for watching :)) agle film mei fir se milenge yahin par. (Sir, you give each film of mine so much love, that when I read your text I can't contain myself. Thank you for watching. Next film, we'll meet again right here.)" 

KRK was also touched by his words, or so it seems, "Sir @ShoojitSircar you are brave enough to accept criticism instead of calling me ur enemy like our other Bollywood Walas! Thanks."

KRK's full-length review of the film will soon be released and perhaps we'll get more outrage in it.