Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli has been one of the best batsman for India in the last 12 months or so.Reuters

Virat Kohli does not mince words and has been involved in a number of on-field spats as well, which stems out from passion and his aggressive nature of playing cricket. His attitude has come under scrutiny numerous times, but Sir Vivian Richards does not see anything wrong in Kohli's attitude.

Kohli has been a prolific run scorer for India of late in both Test as well as the ODI format and his performances have not gone unnoticed as Kohli was handed over the reins of the Indian team after MS Dhoni decided to hang his boots from Test cricket.

MS Dhoni, who is the current skipper of the ODI, is also expected to be replaced by Kohli when Dhoni draws curtains on his wonderful ODI career.

Vivian Richards feels India's future looks bright.  "Virat brings in a lot of vibrancy and the future of Indian cricket looks bright," PTI quoted him as saying.

MS Dhoni and Kohli are very contrast in their approach towards the game, as Dhoni is very cool, while Kohli is very aggressive.

"I see nothing wrong in Virat's attitude. He is very different from (MS) Dhoni. I believe if you are showing passion and aggression on the field, you should have the game quality to match that. Virat has the quality. He can give back as good as he gets. I like people who have stomach for a good fight and Virat is one of them," Richards said.

Virat Kohli is gradually learning the tricks of trade after having made his international debut for India in 2008 (ODI) and 2011(Test matches). There are plenty of years ahead of him to learn about Test cricket and he has only played 34 matches so far. Kohli's positive attitude can help the Indian team become a major force in world cricket.

In his short span of 34 Test matches for India, Kohli has already amassed 1561 with 10 centuries so far. The player is only going to improve in the coming years and one expects Kohli to reach the pinnacle of world cricket.

"He is still a very young man. He is only 26. There is so much more to come from him. Whatever I have seen of Virat, he looks like a young man, who wants to improve his game. When you play international cricket, there will be a few problems here and there. But there are two things you need -- positive attitude and tenacity," added Richards.