Shweta Pandit, Anu Malik
Shweta Pandit, Anu MalikInstagram

Singer Shweta Pandit is one among other women who accused Anu Malik of sexual harassment. She has now responded to people who asked why she did not raise her voice when the alleged incident had happened.

The young singer alleged that Anu had made sexual advances towards her in 2001 when she was a school-going kid. While many supported Shweta on this, there are others who questioned her for not making the allegations back then. She has responded to counter questioning them the repercussions she would have faced as a kid if she had raised her voice then.

"Even in 2019, we are being questioned as victims, after myself being a professional singer in this industry for 2 decades-some narrow minds-why we didn't speak then? Really losers? Imagine what would happen to me if I did speak in 2001 when I was a school kid? Thank God for #MeToo," she tweeted

"Asking for proof in spite of so many women & singers speaking up against the same pervert? Any damn guy whoever asked any of us for proof, after a person has been called out as a repeat offender by so many, should know they are molesters in the making! Full of hypocrites around," Shweta said in another tweet.


Anu was removed from Indian Idol after multiple women had accused him of sexual harassment during the #MeToo movement. However, the issue has turned hot again as he has now been brought back as one of the judges of the show.

While so much is being said about Anu, the senior musician's lawyer had denied all the allegations. "The allegations made against my client are emphatically denied as completely false and baseless. My client respects the #metoo movement but to use this movement to start a character assassination mission is obnoxious," Anu's lawyer stated.