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Singer R Kelly has found himself in hot water once again as allegations of sexual misconduct with a minor surfaced in Minnesota. Kelly has reportedly been charged with prostitution and soliciting a minor girl at a concert back in 2001.

The R&B singer, who is currently in a New York prison, is facing 18 total counts of sex crime charges in Chicago and New York for incidents that took place within a span of 20 years.

The singer was arrested last month by the NYPD in Chicago as he was charged with federal sex trafficking allegations. R Kelly even applied for bail last week but the plea was denied. 

Kelly reportedly met an underage girl in Minneapolis at a promotional event. After giving her an autograph, Kelly wrote down a phone number and asked her to call, stated Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman.

The girl was later invited over to the singer's hotel and eventually brought to Kelly's room by one of his associates. The underage girl was then offered $200 to take off her clothes and dance for him, to which she complied.

Freeman also added in a news conference that sexual contact did occur between the girl and Kelly. However, there was no intercourse involved. The girl was later given VIP seating for the concert.

"It is despicable that Mr Kelly used his fame in order to prey on underage girls," Freeman said during the conference.

"While there are more numerous charges in the Illinois and federal cases, we wanted to make sure that our victim here in Minneapolis also receives a measure of justice. We fully expect that at some future date, Mr Kelly will have to account for his actions in Hennepin County," added Freeman.

Freeman concluded that the victim and her brother were interviewed before any charges were filed. Kelly has been charged with a series of cases pertaining to minor sexual abuse and child pornography. He has denied all the allegations against him.