Nobody was injured in the incident as the flight landed safely at the Chennai airport.REUTERS

A Singapore-bound aircraft carrying 170 people made an emergency landing at the Chennai airport on Monday, May 20, after experiencing a 'spark' in the engine. Coming from Tiruchirapalli, the flight made a hard landing, according to airport officials.

Nobody was injured in the incident as the flight landed safely, reports news agency PTI.

The 'spark' was detected by the pilots while the plane was still in the Indian airspace. Immediately, the pilots contacted the Chennai airport for an emergency landing. Permission was granted and firefighters were put on standby, officials said.

"Singapore-bound Scoot Airways flight TR 567 flying from Trichy (Tamil Nadu) made an emergency landing at Chennai airport after the pilot detected smoke in the aircraft cargo around 3.40 am today [Monday]," an unidentified airport official told PTI. "The pilot had requested an emergency landing, which was granted by the ATC [air traffic control]."

The passengers were later provided accommodation in city hotels. Technicians are attending to the snag, the officials said. The flight will fly back to Singapore today evening.


Earlier, a Singapore Airlines aircraft carrying 228 people made an emergency landing in Delhi after experiencing a glitch in the nose wheel.

In another similar incident, a Myanmar National Airlines plane landed without the use of its front wheel. Despite the landing gear problems, the plane landed safely.