Singam 3 aka S3 Review
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Singam aka S3 Cast and Crew:
Director Hari
Producer KE Gnanavelraja
Cast Suriya, Anushka, Shruti Haasan, Raadhika Sarathkumar and others.
Music Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography Priyan
Release date 9 February
Runtime 2.38 hours
Rating 3/5

Si3 (Singam 3 / S3 / C3) movie review, ratings: 

Director Hari's Tamil movie Si3 (also known as Singam 3/S3/C3) featuring Suriya, Anushka Shetty and Shruti Haasan in the lead roles, has received positive reviews and ratings from viewers around the world. 

Singam 3 aka S3 advance booking begins; Suriya's film set for a grand opening at box office

Si3 story/plot:

Si3 is a commercial entertainer, which is high on action quotient. The movie is a sequel to the superhit movie Singam 2. Director Hari has also written the story, screenplay and dialogues for the movie. The film revolves around the story of an uncompromising police chief, Durai Singam, who fights against a criminal operation dealing in deadly toxic waste.


Viewers say Si3 has nothing new to offer in terms of its story, but the director has added a lot of masala elements in the screenplay to make it interesting. The movie has fast-paced narration right from the beginning until the end. The first half is average and some action scenes impress film goers in this part. Soori's comedy gets irritating, many viewers say. The twist at the interval is good and the story gains momentum from here. The second half is very engaging and entertaining.


Suriya has delivered a sterling performance. He is no doubt the showman of Si3.  Anushka Shetty and Shruti Haasan have done justice to their roles and their chemistry with Suriya is good. Thakur Anoop Singh, Raadhika Sarathkumar, Krish, Soori and Robo Shankar are also good in their respective roles. Neetu Chandra is seen sizzling in the item song and she is also a good asset of the film. 

Suriya teaches Jyothika to ride bullet | S3 Working stills | Latest movie stills

Technical elements:

Si3 has been made with a whopping budget and it has got superb production elements. Priyan's beautiful cinematography, Harris Jayaraj's wonderful music, the brilliant choreography of action and dance, VT Vijayan and TS Jay's good editing and Hari's punchy dialogues are the main attractions on the technical front, say film-goers.

Here is the viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Following is the live update of Si3 (Singam 3 / S3 / C3) movie review, ratings by audience:

Praveen ‏@pravenbg

#Si3 #S3 #Singam3 — 2.75/5 Standard template Hari film with essential commercial elements. Defi not bad as we thought. #Suriya one man show #Si3 #S3 #Singam3 — After a slow start, picks pace and ends well. Enjoyed the high voltage second half better than the first. Hari packs it! #Si3 #S3 #Singam3 — #Suriya delivers an earnest performance as the angry cop who holds the film together. Energy level same even after years Low point is the irritating Soori and Shruti Haasan. They continue from where they left in Vedalam. Comedy doesnt work. The usual top angle shots gives us an impression of being racy. Harris Jayaraj cld have given better bgm. Action seq fab Intro of #Suriya gave me goosebumps from 1st and 2nd part. Aptly used them when needed. Will reach the target audience

Sathish Kumar M ‏@sathishmsk

#Si3 First half - Whatever u expect from Singam Franchise is there. Expecting Singam Suriya to rock as Universal Cop. #Si3 - @Suriya_offl intro fight & song have come out well. Sema dance by #Suriya for the intro song with @Neetu_Chandra #Si3 First half - Pure Commercial Masala with Hari's fast paced screenplay & Suriya awesome performance as Cop. #Singam3 Australian Airport Scene is one of the best ever mass scene in recent times..Whole theatre roars for Singam #Suriya for the scene.. #Singam3 What a Second Half? Suriya + Hari Combo engages the audience yet again with fast paced screenplay. #Singam3 - If you liked Singam & Singam2, you will love #Singam3, especially the second half..

Iam Aravind ‏@srk_aravind

#Si3FDFS #Singam3 Investigation scenes THERI mass. Goose bumps. Reality.. Hari worked hard itseems.. Gripping first 15 min. It's an avg start with super interval and ends with a bang. Second half #Suriya nailed it as usual #Singam3 #Si3FDFS @Suriya_offl @iamsrk #Singam3 Review - Suriya & Hari deliver another pacy entertainer. The 3rd roar is louder than the 2nd. Universal cop hunt to continue.

Vishnu Surya ‏@VishnuMankara

#Singam3 1st half - Opening scene Mersal.Had scenes frm 1 & 2 to give intro.Songs awesome. BGM too loud.Fights mass. @Suriya_offl #S3

ChristopherKanagaraj ‏@Chrissuccess

#Singam3 #S3 | 1st hlf Okay - Suriya rocks as majestic DuraiSingam. Anushka looks fat, too loud music, unwanted comedy, avg story. Too fast! #Singam3 #Si3 | Neatly packed commercial film uplifted by Suriya's perf and terrific editing. Music mokka. Take ear buds to theatre! Hari

Zaro ‏@arjunramesh23

#singam3 - First half screenplay eppa !! scenes have worked big time with killer BGM #si3 #s3 #singam3 - Hari knows the pulse of TN audience and he is easily one the Best directors in giving commercial movies #si3 #s3 #suriya #singam3 - Guys go for it !!! BB for sure !! Suriya in kola Pasi form #si3 #s3 #Singam3 - Suriya in prime form ! Electrifying !! Hari's screenplay - No words!! !! Worth watching #si3 #s3 #singam3 - Second half is even more gripping than first half !! #si3 #suriya !!

Suriya addict ‏@nithin_rockzz

First half finished. Racy one, Intros of both @Suriya_offl & @theindianthakur is a bang #Singam3 #Si3FDFS Finished watching the movie Second half is the best, watch out!! Fans going crazy #DuraiSingam @Suriya_offl @rajsekarpandian It's an avg start with super interval and ends with a bang. Second half #Suriya nailed it as usual #Singam3 #Si3FDFS @Suriya_offl

Narayanan ‏@narayananrl

#Singam3 1st half - Opening scene good.Had scenes frm 1 nd 2 to give intro.Songs good.BGM too loud.Fights ok.Suriya as usual superb #Singam3 1st half - Plz take ear buds with you .Too loud BGM @Jharrisjayaraj Ears paining.DSP far better #Singam3 1st half - Story picks up before interval.As expected,it's environmental issue.Shruthi does wat Hansika did in S2 #Singam3 1st half - Suriya carries film and its 1 man show.Dialogues http://good.Film moves at fast pace. #Singam3 1st half - Soori comedy http://annoying.Camera by priyan worst. #Singam3 - Superhit for Suriya after long time.Hari makes up for avg 1st half with good 2bd half.A perfect hat-trick.Good commercial movie

Hari Narayanan ‏@hari_here 2h2 hours ago

First half - Typical Hari film. Masss action , fast paced screenplay , treat for masss action lovers. Suriya ❤❤❤ #Singam3 Second Half - Superb second half which was a masss treat by Suriya for his fans. Back to back masss scenes , Masss Entertainer. #Singam3 ❤


I loved the way this guy @Suriya_offl pulls off flaws of the film..He is truly BRILLIANT actor... Investigation Was Impressive & Just Into The Plot. AsUsual #Suriya Is Dashing & Screenplay Looks Fiery. Comedy Lets Down. #Si3FDFS #Singam3 Rocking 2nd half #Si3 High Voltage Action Entertiner #Singam3 #Singam3 2nd Half positives - Screenplay @Suriya_offl negatives - soori shruthi First half comedy BGM #Si3FDFS #Hit

Suriya ‏@ItzThanesh

#Singam3 #SI3 first half As usual Hari fast track screen play and @Suriya_offl action Pure Commercial flick Singam3 #Si3 Socially aware First Half. @Suriya_offl at his best as Singam #Si3FDFS #Singam3 #SI3 1st half @Suriya_offl power packed Intro scene and @theindianthakur acting Over 1st half : pure masss #Si3FDFS #Singam3 If 2nd half of the movie is also goes like this, Definitely #SI3 is best in the #Singam Franchise #S1 #S2 #Si3FDFS #singam3 #SI3 - Hari is the Best director in giving a commercial movies 2nd half is also going very good @Suriya_offl #Si3FDFS #Singam3 #SI3 - Till now it is far better than previous part Singam & S2 Waiting for climax scene #Si3FDFS Second half > first half Kalalitaanga director Hari sir BlockBuster Movie @Suriya_offl

Thanesh ‏@ItzThanesh

#Singam3 1st half - Masss 2nd half - Pakka Masss Overall #SI3 is far better than previous parts Family Entertainer @Suriya_offl

Surendhar MK ‏@SurendharMK

Half way thro #Singam3: @Suriya_offl's scorching screen presence shoulders the film. Hari has taken up an interesting issue as the core plot #Singam3 1st half: Superbly paced with the right amount of action and investigation scenes. Stage is perfectly set for the interval. #Singam3: Hats off to @Suriya_offl, who has retained the same energy and enthusiasm as Durai Singam. That dazzling aura elevates the film. #Singam3: Sure-shot hit on cards. Enjoyed the film. Definitely the best of the #Singam franchise. @Suriya_offl & Hari are back with a bang. #Singam3: Despite the story going global, the film is still local & accessible, thanks to @Suriya_offl's rooted performance & Hari's writing. #Singam3: A perfect mass masala action thriller from Hari and @Suriya_offl with appropriate commercial elements. Go for it

Smart Barani ‏@SmartBarani

Half way through now #Singam3 usual hari film ..unwanted comedies but asusual film is fast and average story with good screen play

Hari ‏@HaRyblog

#Si3 #Singam3 starts off with the usual pace and elevated aerial shots , @Suriya_offl looks ravishing as usual. #Si3 #Singam3 half way through.. lots of action, investigation typical Hari style, as usual no logical reasoning for @shrutihaasan & Anushka #Si3 #Singham3 @shrutihaasan go gal... Such a Quirky freaky bubbly performance, love those scenes with @sooriofficial .

Ramesh Bala ‏@rameshlaus

#Si3 1st Half: @Suriya_offl is bk as #Duraisingam & does what he does best.. Fightin criminals.. This time in Vizag.. Racy & Action packed #Si3 1st Half: Dir #Hari has packed both visuals and interesting elements as much as he can.. @Suriya_offl elevates it as a Mass Cop.. #Si3 : @Suriya_offl roars back big time as #Duraisingam.. His Mass screen presence and Dir #Hari 's fast paced screenplay deliver a Winner