The Egyptian authorities, in a preliminary report, have claimed it cannot be proved that the Islamic State (Isis) terrorists brought down the Russian passenger plane in Sinai.

The investigators "so far [have] not found anything indicating any illegal intervention or terrorist action," the Egyptian authorities said in the preliminary report, SkyNews reported.

In contrast to the claims made by the Eygptian authorities, the Russian Federal Security Service stated that they have found traces of an explosive material in the wreckage of the Metrojet brought down by Isis on 31 October, killing all 224 people on board.

The Kremlin, which had vowed to hunt down those behind the plane crash, also had said that it suspected the personnel at Sharm el-Sheikh airport of being involved in the downing of the plane.

In November, Daesh, in its online magazine Dabiq, published what it claimed was an exclusive photograph of the improvised bomb made from a Schweppes drink can.

A Russian newspaper, Kommersant, last month reported the Russian FSB intelligence agency had found a one-metre hole in the plane's fuselage, indicating that the blast had occurred in the rear of the passenger cabin, near the frame of the tail.

The bomb could have been put under the seat through the window, the newspaper had reported.