• Isis claims it used an IED planted inside a Gold beer can to bring down Russian plane.null
  • New issue of Dabiq also contains pictures of Paris attacksnull
  • Isis also has announced that it has executed the Norwegian and the Chinese hostages, who were put on 'sale' in the last edition Dabiq.null

The Islamic State (Isis) terrorists in the latest issue of its propaganda magazine - Dabiq, has published the photos of the bomb which the radical group claims brought down the Russian passenger plane in Egypt's Sinai region.

The Airbus A321, operated by Metrojet, was returning Russian holiday makers from Sharm al-Sheikh in Egypt to St Petersburg when it exploded mid-air over the Sinai Peninsula, killing all 129 on board.

In the 12th issue of the Isis propaganda magazine, Isis reveals that the Sunni radical group planted an improvised explosive device (IED) hidden inside a can of  Schweppes Gold drink.

The propaganda magazine, which is published in English, says Russia's decision to directly participate in Syrian war was a "rash decision of arrogance."

The terrorist group, without explaining much, says it discovered a way to compromise the security at the Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport.

Though initially the plan was to bring down a plane of a nation that was a part of the US-led coalition, the "target" was changed to a Russian plane.

In the 64-page magazine, Isis also announced that it has executed the Norwegian and the Chinese hostages, who were put on "sale" in the last edition of its online propaganda magazine Dabiq. Isis claimed that it executed the 'Kaffirs" (unbelievers) since they were abandoned by their people.

The two slain Isis hostages were identified as Fan Jinghui (50), a freelance consultant from Beijing and Ole Johan Grimsgaard-Ofstad (48) from Oslo.