In "Puffless", the upcoming episode of "The Simpsons", Homer and other Simpsons are up for a surprise as Patty finally decides to move in with them. According to the official synopsis, Patty and Selma quit smoking after learning that their father died of lung smoking. When Selma relapses, Patty moves in with the Simpson family.

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The synopsis also mentioned that the episode's subplot features Maggie's adventures with a group of animals in the style of her critically acclaimed short, "The Longest Daycare".

In the previous episode titled "Cue Detective," Bart and Lisa noticed Homer was sad and decided to find out the whereabouts of the stolen grill. However, they don't want to tell Homer about it as they are unsure whether they will be able to find it out.

In the mean time, Marge and Homer pondered on the dream that they had in the previous night where they got separated and were in relationships with different persons. Homer was not sure what the dream really meant and tried desperately to find out what actually happened. He did his best to reveal the truth behind the dream. At the same time, he was also tensed about Marge and was afraid that she may leave him soon. He realised he was still in love with Marge and decided to save their marriage at any cost. He visited his pharmacist, Candice whom he was dating in the dream and found out that she existed for real. He also suspected that Marge was dating Candice's father, Roger, just like the dreams.

It has been a big blow to Homer and he is trying to recover from the horrible experience as soon as possible. Also, it seems, finally he is getting well along with Marge after a long time.