In the latest episode of Fox's "The Simpsons", titled "Cue Detective", things won't be very well with Homer as after unexpectedly challenged to a cooking contest, he will be taking the biggest blow of his life.

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Worried about his relationship with Marge, Homer went into depression after he discovered that barbecue grill on which he was planning to cook dishes in the contest has been stolen.

According to the official synopsis, Bart and Lisa noticed Homer was sad and decided to find out the whereabouts of the stolen grill. However, they don't want to tell Homer about it as they are unsure whether they will be able to find it out.

Meanwhile, both Marge and Homer can't stop thinking about the dream they had the previous night where they got separated and were dating different persons. Homer is still unsure about the dream and is trying his best to find about what really happened.

It seems he is dead set to reveal the truth behind the dream. He is also tensed regarding Marge and is afraid that she is going to leave him anytime soon. Given that at the end of the day he really loves her, Homer must do something to save his marriage.

He may try to visit his pharmacist, Candice, whom he was dating in the dream and find out whether she exists for real or not. In the meantime, he is suspecting that Marge is dating Candice's father, Roger, just like the dream.

Unable to find anything that can prove Marge is cheating on him, Homer may take some desperate measures for which he is notorious and end up creating a completely unexpected and unnecessary situation.

We had reported earlier that the executive producer of the show, Al Jean, confirmed the separation between Marge and Homer and the way story is moving, it seems that it is going to happen very soon.

"Cue Detective" will see Alton Brown guest starring as himself, Bobby Moynihan as Tyler Boom, Edward James Olmos as Pit Master and Ben Schwartz as Clerk.