Will Marge get out of prison in the upcoming episode?
Will Marge get out of prison in the upcoming episode?Facebook / The Simpsons

In the season finale titled "Orange is the new Yellow" of Fox's "The Simpsons" Season 27, after one of Bart's pranks goes horribly wrong, Marge gets arrested for it.

CLICK HERE to watch what prank Bart plays that leads to Marge's arrest and how she will get out of the trouble in the upcoming episode.

In the previous episode titled "Simprovised," Homer was invited to deliver an annual speech at the nuclear plant. He intended to use his comedy speech that he did every year. However, most of the punch-lines in that speech were outdated and offencive, including jokes on Lenny's sick grandmother.

Worried that Homer might get disconcerted at the annual speech, Marge decided to take him to a stand-up comedy show in order to lift his mood and build him some confidence.

At the show, Homer was really impressed with the actor's improvising talent and he decided to join an improvisation class along with Lenny and Carl. Soon, Homer realised that he had talent for improvising scenes and decided to form his own stand-up comedy group at Moe's Tavern. The group did well and Homer became a local celebrity.

With so much success on his way, Homer was invited to perform at the Springfield Fringe Festival. However, when Homer became nervous about the act, Moe told him to cheat on his improvisation act. Lisa found about it and convinced Homer to do his act proper way.

Elsewhere, Bart and Lisa went to Ralph's birthday party where Bart found out that Ralph's new tree-house was much better than his old tree-house. Overwhelmed with jealousy, Bart decided to destroy Ralph's tree-house.

When Marge offered to build Bart a tree-house, he told her that moms can't build tree-houses. Determined, Marge decided to show Bart that she is good with it.