Simbu's next movie
The name of Simbu's next movie revealed.PR Handout

Simbu's latest message to his fans to celebrate the release of his upcoming movie, Vantha Rajavathaan Varuven, has come under attack and people on social media sites have mercilessly trolled him. Further, his comments have drawn the ire of the Tamil Nadu Co-operative Milk Producers Federation Limited.

The actor had sent a message to his fans on Monday, 22 January asking them to welcome the release of his next film release with extreme celebration. From having large cut-outs, flex designs and banners to performing 'paal abhishekams' for his pictures and cutouts, he wanted them to show their strength by indulging in such activities.

A few days ago, Simbu had requested fans not to spend money on such celebrations and instead requested the fans to spend the same amount on giving gifts to their parents which will bring smile on their faces. However, the 35-year old changed his stand as he said that people mocked him stating that he does not have a fan following to celebrate his film release and he was attempting to give publicity to Vandhaa Rajavathaan Varuven through such videos.

Although it was not clear where and how Simbu's message was mocked, his new video became a laughing stock as people not just criticised his comments, but also he was badly trolled.

To add salt into the injury, his comments on doing 'paal abhishekams' has left the Tamil Nadu Co-operative Milk Producers Federation Limited fuming which has asked him to apologise and change his stand  as 100s of litres of milk are wasted, failing which it will file a case against him. 

Doing milk 'abhishekams' for the life-sized cutouts of stars are a common sight during the release of big stars' films in Tamil Nadu. From Rajinikanth to Vijay, the fans of the A-list actors' welcome their stars' movies by indulging in such celebration as they consider it to be lucky.

In the recent years, there is opposition from a section of society for wasting milk on such celebrations.