Sikh man
Amrik Singh, a law student, was asked to leave the bar for wearing his turban. [Representational Image]Reuters

A 22-year-old Sikh law student on Friday, March 9, night, was at the receiving end of a racist policy at a bar in Mansfield, United Kingdom, that left him "victimized." Amrik Singh, a student from Nottingham Trent University, was asked to remove his turban (religious headgear) due to a "no headwear" policy stated by the bouncer at the bar.

The bouncer at the Rush Late bar asked Singh to leave the bar, even though he tried to explain that it was a religious headgear. He was initially let into the bar, but the staff told him to leave the premises half an hour later.

One of the bouncers at the bar, after spotting Singh wearing his turban, reportedly told him "I didn't think you were allowed to drink anyway," BBC reported.

"I explained that a turban isn't just headgear, but part of my religion and that I was allowed to wear a turban in public. The bouncer ignored this and said I needed to take it off. I refused and was subsequently dragged away from my friends," BBC quoted Singh as saying.

The law student had gone to the pub with his friends Friday night when the door staff had issues with his religious headwear.

According to reports, the staff members dismissed his pleas saying that just "like trainers," even his turban was not permitted inside the bar.

Singh further added, "This experience ruined my night. It broke my heart. I'm very fortunate that I'm well-spoken and I am able to stand up for myself. What if it was someone who wasn't confident was told to leave? I am disgusted."

Singh believes that no laws were broken during the confrontation between the staff members and himself. Hence, Singh claims he may not turn to the police but might seek "legal options" to educate people on "what is it like to be treated this way," according to BBC.

Soon after the management realized their mistake, they apologized to Singh and said that the racially-charged incident was "completely unacceptable" and have confirmed the suspension of the involved staff members.