Talented actor Sikander Kher made his Bollywood debut with the film, Woodstock Villa (2008). He was later seen in a supporting role with Rishi Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor in the film Aurangzeb. Despite being in the industry for over a decade now, he has had his share of struggles and has witnessed highs and lows.

Needless to say, being Anupam Kher and Kirron Kher's son is a blessing for him. But no one can deny the fact that he has paved his way to success and made a mark in the hearts and minds of people with his versatile performances over the years. 

His last outing in Aarya as Daulat garnered a tremendous amount of praise for his acting skills and body language. Despite having minimal dialogues he stood out and showcased his acting prowess in the multi starter drama series.

Sikander Kher

The immensely talented and versatile actor Sikander Kher spoke exclusively with International Business Times India and opened up on Aarya's success, his journey in Bollywood, how nepotism stands strong and how has he made his way to come into the eyed of the audience and more.

You know Sikander Kher but you don't know his story.

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On the success of Aarya

Sikander Kher

I am indebted to the cast and the crew and each and everyone associated with the web series. It's Ram Madhvani's hard work, my hard work and the team's dedication. We all have enjoyed working on the show.

On his excitement level pre and post-launch of Aarya

Sikander Kher as dualat

I don't get excited anymore, there were times when I have been excited like a child and it didn't work out. So now I go with the flow and keep working hard.

Has he got his due after working hard?

To be honest, I am happy and grateful to have born in a family where I am privileged for various things like food, water, shelter, wifi, parents and work. Whenever I feel low (at times I do) I always think about the things that I have which many of them don't. Either they are away from family or are going through unsaid battles that we might not know. Simply talking about myself none of my films has worked expect for Raw (Romeo Akbar Walter) and this is a fact.

Aarya has worked well for all of us. Having said that, it is not that people are signing me for projects, I bagged Aarya after giving auditions, all the films that I have done is through audition. After Aarya I would want to do good work, my next show should be liked by the audience. At the end of the day, I am an entertainer and I will never stop working hard. It is not like post Aarya I will be like oh! I have achieved everything. Actors, or people who have reached the top have to sustain and maintain their stature. I will now meet more and more people for good work.

Sikander Kher is Anupam Kher and Kirron Kher' son. His parents are veterans actors in the field of entertainment. Despite coming from a privileged family Sikander's road wasn't as easy as people see. The actor has no qualms in meeting people for work or giving audition or putting in extra hard work.

This is what Sikander her has to say about Nepotism

Yes, nepotism exists. It exists in every field not just in entertainment. I am Anupam Kher's son and that doesn't mean I am offered everything. The only privilege is I get to meet people but for that, I arrange for the meeting, I meet casting directors, and if they find me worthy enough I give an audition, followed by a look test. Having said that, not every meeting leads to a role.

My only privilege is I have seen many people when i was young or know them therefore it just helps me to fix up a meeting. But at the end, its always in the hands-of the audience whom they like to watch, or how good you are at your craft. The only place I find the is no nepotism is in sports, not necessarily a cricketer's son will turn out to be the best batsman or will be there in cricket team. Rest all the field there is nepotism.

On social media warriors and negativity all over the internet

We all fight a battle within our lives, all of us have something or the other that neither us, right? When you are yourself negative or have a negative thought process over something you tend to spread hate. Therefore try to be positive and channelise yourself towards that direction. The trollers or the hates on social media, they must also be going through something in their mind. And I am not saying its wrong, we are humans and it is our human tendency to feel angry, happy, sad, low. I have been negative at some point in my life but I channelised myself in towards a positive direction. Even if sometimes I feel low, I think about the things I have and pray to God for gratitude and kindness.

On mental health

Sikander Kher with mom

Mental health has been important right from the time you are born and it was also there when social media wasn't there. We are all human and go through different tensions and troubles in life but putting out negativity just makes the environment bad. Everyone goes through pain and loneliness. And if someone has something to say or talk about say it upfront not behind someone's back.

For instance, we all go through something or the other in our lives. You, me, people on social media everyone has something or the other stress going in their mind. Likewise, we don't know what was bothering Sushant Singh Rajput. Even though we have friends and family there are things and at times we don't want to share at that point and its okay. we all have to be strong mentally to overcome it.

On enjoying his time with family and making videos with them

I am not complaining about the lockdown, having said that I haven't cooked or done anything great during this period. I spent time with family. Aarya was released so got busy with digital promotions. I make videos with my family but less as compared to my dad (Anupam Kher).

On his parents reckon on seeing the show Aarya

Mom and dad both saw the series and they liked it. I am thankful to people who are behind this.

Update on Aarya 2

I don't know as of now, there should be season 2. As Daulat hasn't died there is a scope for him in the next season.(smiles)