Balika Vadhu actress Sheetal Khandal accuses Siddharth Shukla of touching her inappropriately
Bigg Boss 13 contestant Siddharth Shukla; Balika Vadhu actress Sheetal KhandalTwitter; Instagram

Bigg Boss 13 contestant Siddharth Shukla has been drawing a lot of flaks for his rude and arrogant behaviour towards the inmates. Most of the female contestants - Mahira Sharma, Rashami Desai, Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Shefali Bagga - are seen complaining about his temper that flares up in no time.

A few days ago, BB13 co-contestant Rashami Desai, who had worked with Siddharth in Dil Se Dil Tak, accused him of touching her inappropriately. And now, Siddharth's Balika Vadhu co-star Sheetal Khandal has made some shocking allegations against the actor.

Sheetal, who played the role of Gehna on the show, accused Siddharth of touching her inappropriately and cracking indecent jokes during Balika Vadhu. Talking to the Times of India, the actress revealed that she had complained it to the show's creative producers after which the actor created a ruckus on sets.

"I was laughing recently when I saw him taking a stand for Arti Singh on Bigg Boss 13 as in real life the kind of language he has used with me and comments that he has made for me are nothing compared to what Siddhartha Dey has said for Arti. He used to pass vulgar and double meaning jokes on me. From body-shaming to passing derogatory comments he has done everything and on Bigg Boss 13 he is trying to project himself as one 'mahaan' (great) person," lashed

The actress also accused Sidharth of often getting over-friendly with her. "There were times when he would get over-friendly and touch me in an inappropriate manner. It was my first show so initially, I did not complain, but later when things started getting out of hand I had to complain against him," shared Sheetal.

Talking about the Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania actor's anger issues, which is one of the most talked-about topic inside the Bigg Boss 13 house, Sheetal said that everyone on sets of Balika Vadhu were aware about it but none dared to speak against him. "He gets angry at the drop of a hat. His temper flares up in no time and he is arrogant there is no denying. And whenever he created a scene on the sets none of the senior actors' revolt against it. I wish someone had complained or told him that he was doing wrong. He has given tough to everyone who worked with him during Balika Vadhu but as he was the channel's recommendation nobody had the guts to go against him."

According to Sheetal, Sidharth throws his weight around and likes to give people a difficult time. He used to arrive late on sets and make others wait for him. Even the production house had a difficult time working with him, shared the actress.