Badruddin Ajmal
AIUDF chief Badruddin AjmalIANS

All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) chief Badruddin Ajmal was caught on camera hurling abuses at a journalist and threatening him during a press conference in Assam on Wednesday.

Ajmal's outburst came after a journalist asked the politician if he had any plans of combining forces with Bharatiya Janata Party or Congress. The AIUDF veteran lost his temper and went on abuse the local TV journalist.

"How many millions will you get? Do not run away, otherwise, I will blow your head. Go get the case against me, I will see you in the court, you will end. There are 13 MLAs of AIUDF in Assam who are MPs from Assam's Dhubri Lok Sabha constituency," Ajmal was quoted as saying by Dainik Bhaskar.

Some of his other comments to the journalist were:

  •        "Your father will sell his soul"
  •        "You'll disappear in no time"
  •        "Shut up, you son of an evil b***h"

During Ajmal's outburst, his companions, who were sitting alongside him were seen laughing and then asking the journalist to apologise to their party leader.

The journalist apologised, fearing for his safety. He added that he has filed an FIR against Ajmal.

Here is a video of Ajmal's outburst: