America seeks answers for the suspicious death spree, many are calling it a murder spree at Fort Hood Army Post. Kin of many victims over the years claims that something is seriously wrong at this US Army post and no victim has seen justice.

The body of a Fort Hood soldier Mejor Morta was found by a lake near the Army post. Thus marking the third time in a month that the body of a service member from this Texas base was found. What started in June 2020 with Gregory Morales, and Vanessa Guillen continues with Mejor Morta.

Shut down Fort Hood Trends and one more dead body of a soldier found
Shut down Fort Hood Trends and one more dead body of a soldier foundIBT

About Fort Hood

Fort Hood, Army post is located in Killeen, Texas. Named after Confederate General John Bell Hood, the post is the headquarters of III Corps and First Army Division West and is home to the 1st Cavalry Division and 3rd Cavalry Regiment, among others. It is one of ten U.S. Army bases named after former Confederate generals.

Targeting Minorities

"So two Hispanic soldiers and now an Asian...seems like someone at Fort Hood Maybe targeting minorities," wrote a concerned citizen.

"Following the disturbing murder of Army Spc. Vanessa Guillén inside an armory at Fort Hood, I am requesting an immediate review of the treatment of women and minorities in our military," Senator Dick Durbin was quoted saying earlier.

Many are asking questions if all three are connected? However, U.S. Army officials have said that a soldier's body was found July 17 near Fort Hood,
Mejhor Morta was 26.

This follows the deaths of Gregory Morales and Vanessa Guillen, killed a day before she planned to report sexual harassment her family had said.

"This is the third soldier this month and 7th this year that has died near or on Fort Hood. THAT'S MY POINT," says an enraged reader.

"What in the actual fu*k is going on at Fort Hood? The base commander should be brought up on charges of negligence at the very least," wrote another reader.

Questions are also being asked as to Why U.S President Donald Trump is quiet about all this?

"This is getting out of hand. This base needs investigating not by the CID BY A THIRD PARTY that's not associated with the base," says Aja Smith

"When I was stationed at Fort Knox I couldn't wait to leave. Finally, Platoon Sergeant told me "hey, I heard you got orders." And I said "oh thank God, as long as it's not to Fort Hood" and that dude hit me with the hardest Jim face I've ever seen outside of the Office," says Joe Kassabian.

"What the heck is going on at Fort Hood? One murder after another! A US Military Base is supposed to be one of the safest places in the country — particularly for service members!," says Mansoor Shams.

Victims of Fort Hood
Victims of Fort HoodCommons

Reports suggest that Filipino Mejor Morta went AWOL after two months of being in the unit, he disappeared last Thursday. "The following day they found his car at stillhouse lake, and his body also. Fort hood or his unit isn't saying anything. This needs to stop For real, feels Richie.

"just so y'all know ANOTHER soldier on Fort Hood was found unresponsive next to a lake. He was a private (just like Gregory morales & Vanessa Guillen) these kinds of things are not normal on military bases. I pray the Lord protects every soldier on that base," says another reader.

  • 3 deaths with-in the past month at Fort Hood
  • 6 deaths this year on the base
  • 8 total deaths stemming from the base, if you include the 2 deployed victims who allegedly died overseas

 UPDATE: The Bell County Sheriff's Department is believed to have said that a Fort Hood soldier Morta who was found dead in Stillhouse Hollow Lake, had likely drowned.