Shraddha Das in Guntur Talkies
Shraddha Das in Guntur TalkiesTwitter

Actress Shraddha Das, who is busy promoting her latest movie "Guntur Talkies," says that her role in the movie has been modelled after Kangana Ranaut in Bollywood movie "Revolver Rani."

"Guntur Talkies" is a romantic comedy movie and Shraddha Das will be seen as Revolver Rani in the film. In an interview to 123 Telugu, the actress says her role is inspired from Kangana's character. "When Praveen Sattaru narrated me the script, I was shocked to hear about my role. My character is modeled after Kanagana Ranaut from the Hindi film Revolver Rani and even the getup looks like her," she said.

Shraddha Das says her bold avatar is sure to shock the audience. "I play a very bold and interesting character called Revolver Rani. I can't reveal much about the role but can say one thing that it would be the boldest role in the recent times. Audience will be shocked to see me in such a bold avatar," she added.

When quizzed about why she accepted the role, the actress says she did for Praveen Sattaru. "I accepted this role only because of my director Praveen Sattaru. I had seen his previous films and felt that he would present me well even though the role is hard hitting. I also feel that no one in Tollywood would have dared to accept such a role," the actress said.

Set in a Guntur slum, "Guntur Talkies" deal with some people who hail from different parts of the Telugu states, but are staying in the area for a purpose. Sidhu Jonnalagadda, Senior Naresh, Shraddha Das, Mahesh Manjrekar, Rashmi Gautam and fish Venkat are playing important roles in the movie.

But Shraddha Das says that her role is very crucial for the movie. "There will be extreme reactions after watching me in the film. Audience will surely feel that what made me accept such a role. But I did it with a lot of conviction and feel that my role will be a huge key in the film," she added.