The IPL season is fast approaching us and the different franchises are on overdrive trying to milk the best out of the players as part of its marketing gimmick. Host broadcaster Star has started airing a series of promotional videos featuring players in which the young and upcoming stars have thrown different challenges to the seasoned campaigners.

In one such video, Rishabh Pant threw a challenge to former Indian captain MS Dhoni and said that although he has always learnt from Dhoni, he is now looking forward to the competition. Dhoni has subsequently responded saying that looking at the video he was reminded of his younger days and he will be waiting for the youngster to take strike when the games begin. 

In the latest promotional video for the upcoming IPL campaign, Dhoni challenged Pant to show his game and then go on to make a name for himself.

MS Dhoni hits back

MS Dhoni Indian Cricket team Rishabh Pant
MS Dhoni and Rishabh PantHannah Peters/Getty Images

'Jab main maidan pe utra tha, toh aise hi sochta tha...aaja Rishabh, wicket ke peeche toh main hi rahunga. Game dikha, name bana (When I made my debut, I also thought like this...come Rishabh, I shall be waiting for you behind the wicket. Show your game and make a name).'

In an earlier video, Pant was at his candid best and said that he would love to challenge Dhoni and his side Chennai Super Kings in the upcoming season.

"Mahi bhai na guru ke samaan hain. Agar Mahi bhai nahi hote na, pata nahi mai wicketkeeper-batsman hota, nahi hota (Mahi bhai is like a teacher. If Mahi bhai wouldn't have been there, I don't know if I would have been a wicketkeeper-batsman).

"Lekin is baari unki team pe main aisa barsoonga ki captain cool, cool nahi rahenge. Mahi bhai tayyar rehna, game dikhane aa raha hoon (But this time, I will rain down at his team so hard that captain cool won't remain cool. Mahi bhai be ready, I'm coming to show you the game).

The first match of the 2019 edition of the IPL starts on March 23. Chennai Super Kings will be taking on Royal Challengers Bangalore. Dhoni and Pant will be facing off on March 26 when CSK will take on Delhi Capitals.