Shovel Fight Girl
Shovel Fight GirlVine Screenshot

A fake story stating that the 16-year-old Miranda Fugate Lockwood has succumbed to injuries has gone viral.

A Vine video showing a girl hitting another girl in the head with shovel has gone viral on Internet. The video garnered over 530,000 tweets and 79,000 revines.

Several Twitter users said that the video was funny, but soon a report on the fake death of the girl hit by the shovel went viral.

A website reported that the girl named 'Miranda Fugate Lockwood' has died after suffering head injuries. But apparently, the girl's actual name is Miranda Lynn Fugate.

Huzlers, which is a satire website, in their report stated that at first the injury seemed to be minor, but later Miranda temporarily lost one ear's hearing. Doctors said that Miranda died of severe head trauma, according to Huzlers.

"She was a good girl. I mean, she was sort of a bully, but she did not deserve to get molly whooped like that, especially with a shovel right to the head". Emily will not be charged with second degree murder, but instead man-slaughter as she was only protecting herself, and succeeded," Miranda's mother said, according to Huzlers.

However, the story turns out to be hoax as Miranda is alive. The person who uploaded the first video of shovel fight has posted another video clarifying that Miranda is alive.

"Miranda is not dead! me and her just got off the phone follow us on twitter," Josh Officer posted along with the video.

The story on Huzlers website has been viewed by more than 490,000 times. In Twitter, users started posting messages with #RIPMiranda hashtag.

@iMirandaFugate: RT to show Miranda respect . #RIPMiranda

@godisfaithful: Y'all sitting there laughing over that girl getting hit in the head with a shovel when that poor girl died #RIPMiranda

@zro103099: It's sad that a young girl died from a fight #RIPMiranda

@ThaReal_10: The girl that got hit by the shovel died from brain damage #RIPMiranda

@Yepp_its_daija: I didn't know Miranda Fugate aka "shovel girl" was dead... I feel babd for laughing at it now #RIPMiranda

@AngelicaPacombe: This isn't a laughing matter. I send my prayers to Miranda's family #RIPMiranda