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"Game of Thrones" author George RR Martin recently addressed the buzz surrounding a potential movie based on his book series, saying he was thrilled at the prospect of a full length feature film, but has no clue if the idea will materialise.

Although rumours of a "Game of Thrones" movie has been doing the rounds for months, HBO executive Michael Lombardo apparently nixed the idea during a recent interview saying tying up loose ends through a movie wouldn't be fair to television audience.

When a series gets started, viewers are indirectly given a promise that they will get to know how it ends, and a movie changes the promise, said Lombardo. "Now you have to pay $16 to see how your show ends," he noted, according to Entertainment Weekly.

But "Game of Thrones" author Martin has a different take on things. Addressing the issue on his official LiveJournal, Martin wrote that there's material for one or more films, and that he is sure of an audience for a "Game of Thrones" movie.

"I see that this new crop of stories also raises, once again, the notion of concluding the series with one or more feature films," wrote Martin. "Sure, I love the idea. Why not? What fantasist would not love the idea of going out with an epic hundred million feature film? And the recent success of the Imax experience shows that the audience is there for such a movie. If we build it, they will come. But will we build it? I have no bloody idea."

HBO and "Game of Thrones" creators David Benioff and Dan Weiss are also on different pages with regard to the number of seasons they want the series to run. While HBO is looking at 10 seasons, the show creators have been vocal about their desire to conclude the series with seven seasons.

And like fans, Martin is also unsure on the longevity of the series. "This discussion is nothing new, of course. I get asked similar questions every time I make a public appearance, do an interview, or walk a red carpet. My usual answer is a variant on, 'I don't know how many seasons the show will run.' I don't know. No one knows," Martin wrote.

Season 5 of "Game of Thrones" returns on 12 April.