Just like big budget films, short films with social messages are also well accepted in our society these days.

The Malayalam short film "Run Out - What an Ambulance Driver Did", directed by Anoop Cochin, is a suspense thriller, which one should not miss.

"Run Out" tells the story of an ambulance driver and discusses one of the most important issues in our society these days -- rape. Even though the topic is not new, the way it is presented makes the short film worth watching.

Sunil Surya plays the lead role as an ambulance driver in the film, which has been receiving positive responses from social media users. Sunil is also a radio jockey at Best FM 95.

The video, released by Motion pictures on YouTube on 10 September, 2015, has been viewed by more than 11,000 people, at the time of reporting.

Watch the short film "Run Out" below: