"Open your Mind", a short film directed by Vishnu G Raghav, has been released on Friday, 31 July. 

The short film asks each one of us to open our mind than sticking to the social norms and customs like a string attached to a balloon.

"Open Your Mind" has an ensemble cast, including Bhavana, Sai Kumar, Bindhu Panicker, Anu Mohan, Dinesh Panicker, Rony David Raj, Maya Vishwanath, Aswathy Pillai, Krishnan Balakrishnan, Mahesh, Anjali Nair, Jayanthi Narendranath, Krishna Sankar Aditya Manoj, Arjun Rajendar and reality show star Ajas in pivotal roles.

The short film deals with three different situations, through which the audience are asked to think beyond the norms of the society.

The first part shows the pennu kaanal (match-making) function of Sandhya (Bhavana), in which she informs the bridegroom-to-be (Rony) about her desire to work even after marriage. But he is of the opinion that girls should be house-makers after marriage and even shares Sandhya's wish as a 'joke' to his parents.

The second part shows the life of Manu (Anu), an IT professional, who realises that he doesn't live as per dreams. With his colleague's advice, Manu decides to make his dream of becoming a photographer come true as a means of expressing his views than restricting himself like many others, who state their opinions just on social media. The story also shows the "moral policing" mentality of some people when they spot a girl and boy together.

Meanwhile, the third part shows the story of four children, who engage in a conversation about 'rape' and 'molest'. They understand rape as something, which happens to girls, who wear short dresses. With their innocent minds, they think of how to save their friend, Malu (Anjali), if somebody tries to molest her.

"Open Your Mind" is Bhavana's first short film, and the actress' acting is commendable. Sai Kumar, Bindu Anu as well as reality show star Ajas have done their roles well.

The three different stories in the short film asks us to open our minds by breaking all the norms and "the strings to which we are attached."

Coming to the technical aspects of the film, Roby Raj has done a good job with the cinematography of "Open Your Mind". The music is composed by Roby Abraham and the screenplay by Vishnu and Anu as well as dialogues by Jyothish Jayapalan and Gautham S Kumar are also appreciable. 

The film is produced by Vinu Mohan and Prajil Manikkoth under the banner of Manikkoth Productions.

The other crew of "Open Your Mind" includes Appu N Bhattathiri (editor), M R Rajakrishnan (Sound Designer), Sreekumar (Colourist), Sachin Senan (Project Designer) Mahesh, Shibhu, Vishnu (Art), Arunlal S Pillai (Visual Effects), Jomon Joshy, Joe Siby Malayil, Ritwik Baiju (Associate Directors),  Alex J Pulickal (associate cameraman), Manu Manohar, Vishnu Prabhakar (stills), Sachin Krishna (costumes), Aji (makeup), Shameer PM, Rajesh Bhaskar (asst cameraman), Sooraj Sunny, Sidharth TK (asst directors) and Publicity Designs by T G Entertainment Studios.

Watch short film 'Open Your Mind' below:

Celebrity reactions:

Gautami Nair

An idea of change that is being expressed in a completely innovative way. Loved the film! Congratulations to Vishnu raghav who is the director, my dear bhavana who's so brilliant in it and of course the shots have been placed superb by our own Amazing Appu!