Directors Pranav Kumar Singh and Jitentra Tiwari's Bollywood movie "Shorgul," starring Jimmy Shergill, Hiten Tejwani, Suha Gezen and Ashutosh Rana, has received positive reviews from the audience.

"Shorgul" is a political drama film, which is based on 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots. The movie deals with the love story of a Hindu boy named Raghu (Anirudh Dave) and Muslim girl Zainab (Suha Gezen). Their relationship causes tension and eventually escalates to a political minefield, leading to unrest and chaos in Uttar Pradesh. Jitendra Tiwari, Khalid Azmi and Raj Verma have written the story and screenplay, which are the highlights of the film, say the audience.

"Shorgul" deals with a burning issue like Hindu-Muslim rivalry, which has been brought on screens several times in the past. But the directors have managed to make the film an interesting watch with their brilliant treatment of the subject. The movie has an engaging and entertaining narration from the beginning till the end.

Jimmy Shergill, Hiten Tejwani, Suha Gezen, Ashutosh Rana, Narendra Jha, Anirudh Dave and Sanjay Suri have delivered wonderful performance, which are the big attractions of "Shorgul" after its scripting. Eijaz Khan, Neetu Pandey, Hrishitaa Bhatt, Jay Shanker Pandey and others' performances are also assets of the movie.

Swatantra Vijay Singh and Vyas Verma bankrolled "Shorgul" under the banner 24 FPS Films and the movie has good production values. Lalit Pandit's amazing background score and Manoj Pradhan's brilliant cinematography, punch dialogues are the big attractions on the technical front, say the film-goers.

We bring you some movie buffs' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Here is the live update of "Shorgul" movie review by audience:

Faridoon Shahryar ‏@iFaridoon

Jitendra Tiwari's #Shorgul is a powerful film based on real life situations n real people.The dirty politics of religion is catastrophic!! In a world that's increasingly giving up on Gandhi's non violence n flaunting Hitler's fascism,#Shorgul shows how Reason is in minority 2day .#Shorgul doesn't take sides.The writers n director show d ugly side of radicalism of Hindus n Muslims..n y mutual respect is Important!!! In an attempt to adhere to commercial norms,there r way too many unnecessary songs n the romantic angle is stretched needlessly #Shorgul Ashutosh Rana pulls in a fine performance...his reasonable voice is akin 2 his real life views..Jimmy Sheirgill is excellent!!

Born Of Web ‏@BornOfWeb

.@aniruddh_dave, @SuhaGezen & @tentej stage an interesting love triangle in @ShorGulFilm #Shorgul .@ShorGulFilm exposes how politicians fan communal riots for their vested interests. @jimmysheirgill @KhanEijaz @ashutoshrana10 .@jimmysheirgill plays negative role as a politician in @ShorGulFilm . A conspirator who sets the pace for the story. #Shorgul .@aniruddh_dave is a crazy lover of @SuhaGezen ."Dosti kab mohabbat me badal gai pata nai chala" #Shorgul Chaudhryji @ashutoshrana10 looks charismatic in @ShorGulFilm, doesn't give up his beliefs in humanity, love despite personal loss. #Shorgul .@KhanEijaz sows the seed of the riot, plays a psychotic extremist guy in @ShorGulFilm. Interesting! #Shorgul The character sketch of @tentej is lovely. A guy who knows the right and wrong. @ShorGulFilm #Shorgul The first half is about breeding love while the other is all about riots & violence. @ShorGulFilm #Shorgul Climax is grieving but leaves a great message. Religion doesn't preach to kill people. Love is above all. @ShorGulFilm @jimmysheirgill

Fanzwood ‏@Fanzwood

#Shorgul brings back the solid performance of #AshutoshRana whose subtle acting is a break in today's age of screeching. #Shorgul is an investigation of the true nature of communal conflagrations in India The directors of #Shorgul have tried to expose he causes of the 2013 riots of #Muzzafarnagar renamed as Malihabad in the movie

Darshan Raval ‏@DarshanRavalDZ

Watched @ShorGulFilm today, highly recommended movie! go for #Shorgul this weekend if you feel Humanity still exists.

KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan

Sometimes, somehow, somebody makes such a beautiful love story so everyone must watch #Shorgul to feel the real love in his life.

Umair Sandhu ‏@sandhumerry

Indian Cinema Magazine Review #Shorgul. One of the Best Cult Movie this year. @jimmysheirgill @tentej @KhanEijaz @SuhaGezen ROCKED. 3.5*/5*

Rohit Vats ‏@nawabjha

Watched #Shorgul. Good actors. Bad direction. And, some political parties have the reasons to ask for a ban on it. Good that it's releasing.

Sohail Khan ‏@ItsSohailKhan

Now watching #Shorgul . First half completes & it looking a solid film till now . Let's see what is in second half Just saw #Shorgul & it is Sure shot super hit. @tentej @jimmysheirgill & @KhanEijaz you all rocked the show. In cinemas tomorrow. Loved it. Acting :- @jimmysheirgill is best as always while @tentej gave his career best performance in this Cult film. @KhanEijaz also good.

Rohit jaiswal ‏@rohitjswl01

#Shorgul is a decent film... @jimmysheirgill work is excellent...

Rahul Chaudhary ‏@rcvamil

Watched #Shorgul .....@jimmysheirgill u r one of the finest and underrated actor....

Roshan Goswami ‏@iRoshanGoswami

#Shorgul review: tough content, great melodrama, awesome background score, superb direction and fabulous act done by all. 4.0/5.0 stars. Fab