Shopping King Louie
Will director Baek track down Louis and Bok-shil in Shopping King Louie episode 8.Facebook/MBC

Shopping King Louie a.k.a Shopaholic Louis will be rolling out its eighth episode next Wednesday, October 19, at 10pm KST on MBC. In the sequel, the relationship between Louis and Go Bok-shil might take an unexpected turn.

The two protagonists have already gathered a huge fan base both in the storyline and the Kdrama world. While their fans across the globe are eagerly waiting for a new episode, their onscreen partners could seed some challenges in store for them.

The official trailer for the next episode hints at troubled moments for the onscreen couple and indicates that the two will be going through a tough time.

The promo begins with a shot of Cha Joong-won admiring the female protagonist and his colleagues believe that he has a crush on her. The speculations reach out to her friend's ears and he gathers strength enough to ask him if he has a crush on her.

In the next scene, the male lead is seen at his friend's office and her colleagues assume that it's her boyfriend. When they enquire about it, he tells them that he is more than that for her.

Although Nam Ji-hyun's character looks excited to see her friend in office, her manager does not seem to be pleased with him. When she tries to reach out to Seo In-guk's character, her manager stops her.

On the other end, director Baek Sun-goo plans his next move against the male lead. In the video, he is seen advising his daughter to inform the female protagonist about her brother's death.

The sneak peek video ends with an intimate sequence between the onscreen couple, but hints at a separation. In the clip, the male protagonist is seen telling her that he will give her everything she needs and takes her for outing. He tells her that she is the only one for him and leans on to kiss her.

However, when he takes her to a shoe shop, she tells him that giving shoes is a parting gift. So it remains to be seen if the two will part ways and if Ma-ri has a role to play in their separation.

Watch the trailer of Shopping King Louie episode 8 below: